Vaccination is an important part of civic responsibility. Through vaccination our communities become healthier and vulnerable people are protected from serious illness. From COVID-19 and seasonal flu, to viral hepatitis (A and B) and monkeypox, vaccination is critically important to protect the health and well-being of our neighbors. Vaccinations help to prevent diseases and reduce the number of hospital beds needed for preventable diseases freeing up limited healthcare resources for other conditions.

Since 2020, we've partnered with local businesses through our Beer and a Shot and Book and a Shot events to provide vaccinations in a convenient and trusted setting. We've helped over 1,000 people get a flu or COVID shot. 

The main objectives of Beer and A Shot are the following:

  1. Increase vaccination uptake among target populations.
  2. Provide accurate and actionable information about vaccinations to target populations.
  3. Create non-traditional community based partnerships to promote vaccination as a civic responsibility.
  4. Provide vaccinations in a non-threatening environment encouraging vaccinations in the future as well.
  5. Promote use of the Docket App to participants to understand current vaccination status and needs.  

Keep Decker Lake Beautiful

Decker Lake is a 51.81-acre park located in West Valley City, Utah. As a Class Two Regional Park by Salt Lake County, the park is a vital part of the city and county park systems in West Valley City. The Park is a vital green space that is accessible to nearby residential neighborhoods that are among the most diverse in the state. The opportunity exists to engage residents, businesses, and all users of Decker Lake to build community around and within the park.

Keep Decker Lake Beautiful works to preserve, protect, and advocate for Decker Lake by promoting volunteerism and philanthropy at the park. 

SLC Neighbors for More Neighbors

SLC Neighbors for More Neighbors advocates for equitable, sustainable, and thriving communities through housing that is accessible to all.

To achieve our mission, we’re working toward the four following goals for communities in Salt Lake City:   

  1. Ending Parking Mandates: Requiring parking mandates for housing leads to increased construction costs, reduced affordability, and encourages car dependency. By ending parking mandates, we can prioritize the efficient use of land, promote alternative transportation options, reduce housing costs, and create more vibrant, walkable communities. 

  2. Upzoning for Inclusive and Equitable Communities: To increase housing availability, communities need to host a diversity of housing types; but to diversify the supply of housing-types within a community, it is first necessary to diversify the size of the lots on which properties are allowed to be built.

  3. Inventory and Utilize Public Lands for More Housing: Public lands represent valuable assets that can be leveraged to address the housing crisis. By identifying and utilizing public lands for housing development, we can increase housing supply, promote affordable housing initiatives, and ensure that public resources are utilized for the benefit of the community, providing much-needed homes for residents.

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Utah Hepatitis Coalition

The Utah Hepatitis Coalition was formed in March 2021 as a network of patients, providers, and community partners coming together to eliminate viral hepatitis elimination in Utah. Our mission is to create a collaborative, inclusive, and impactful network collaborating to eliminate viral hepatitis in Utah.

  1. To promote liver health and wellness.
  2. To raise awareness and increase access for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of liver disease, especially viral hepatitis and related harms.
  3. To erase stigma, social inequity, and health disparity surrounding communities affected by liver disease.
  4. To build capacity in communities impacted by liver disease and viral hepatitis. Prioritizing underserved communities through advocacy, support, education and equitable access to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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